Muslim Brotherhood leader, 36 others sentenced to life in Cairo

Mohammed Badie leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, addresses supporters in Cairo on July 5, 2013.

Story highlights

  • Mohammed Badie sentenced to life in prison for inciting violence
  • 36 other surpporters of ousted Egyptian president also face life behind bars
  • Badie, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, was sentenced to death in April
Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie and 36 other supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy got life sentences Saturday in Cairo, state media reported.
The defendants are accused of inciting violence.
An additional 10 defendants sentenced to death in June have had their sentences upheld by Egypt's Grand Mufti, who, by law, must review capital punishment decisions.
This is the second sentence handed down to Badie, who was found guilty and sentenced to death in April.
"Why are you so silent about me?"
"Why are you so silent about me?"


    "Why are you so silent about me?"


"Why are you so silent about me?" 08:39
He was convicted of taking part in a deadly attack on a police station last year.