‘Ghostbusters’ reboot: Paul Feig, and an all-women cast?

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Director Paul Feig might lead a new "Ghostbusters" movie

It would be a reboot of the movie, and have an all-female cast

Feig has tweeted reaction to the speculation

CNN  — 

Director Paul Feig might find himself leading a “Ghostbusters” reboot with an all-female cast, according to reports from Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.

Feig, who helmed high-performing, female-led comedies “Bridesmaids” and “The Heat,” is said to have caught the eye of studio Sony to direct a new “Ghostbusters” film. It would be a reboot of the comedy, with actresses taking on the lead “Ghostbuster” roles.

According to Variety, it’s unclear whether this project would take the place of the previously announced “Ghostbusters 3” movie, or if this is a separate project altogether.

“Ghostbusters 3” was announced in 2011, and Sony’s Columbia Pictures told Vanity Fair in June 2014 that it’s “currently working hard to re-create the magic of the original in order to bring a new ‘Ghostbusters’ adventure to life.”

Still, the project hasn’t been without its stumbling blocks. Bill Murray has declined to participate, the script has changed hands, and the passing of “Ghostbusters” star and co-writer Harold Ramis in February 2014 was another blow.

Following Ramis’ death, director Ivan Reitman, who helmed both 1984’s “Ghostbusters” and 1989’s “Ghostbusters II,” decided not to direct the third “Ghostbusters” feature but has remained with the movie as a producer.

While reports warn that no formal negotiations between Feig and the studio have taken place, it does seem that Feig is intrigued by the idea. On Twitter over the weekend, he re-tweeted reaction to the news that he could lead an all-female “Ghostbusters,” and also appeared to respond to those who’ve scoffed at the all-women concept as a “gimmick.”

“Interesting how making a movie with men in the lead roles is normal but making a movie with women in the lead roles is a ‘gimmick,’ ” Feig tweeted with the hashtag, “#its2014.”

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