Iraqi refugees fleeing ISIS

Updated 0013 GMT (0813 HKT) August 14, 2014
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A Yazidi family from Sinjar cleans a spot for themselves in a derelict building that houses more than a thousand other refugees on Thursday, August 14, in Zakho, Iraq. Warzer Jaff for CNN
A woman and child sit in the makeshift housing on Thursday. Warzer Jaff for CNN
A Yazidi woman holds her baby while crossing Peshkhabour bridge from Syria back into Kurdish-controlled Iraq on Tuesday, August 12. Warzer Jaff/CNN
Entire families carry nothing but the clothes on their back. Some are barefoot. And not everyone who set out on the arduous journey survived. Warzer Jaff/CNN
The militant group ISIS, which now calls itself the Islamic State, executes civilians who don't adhere to its version of Sunni Islam. Warzer Jaff/CNN
Yazidis fled into the barren and windswept Sinjar Mountains more than a week ago after ISIS captured their town. Warzer Jaff/CNN
Descendants of Kurds and followers of an ancient pre-Islamic religion, Yazidis are one of Iraq's smallest minorities, and have been persecuted for centuries, but they have a strong sense of community. Warzer Jaff/CNN
According to some accounts, Syrian Kurds also helped people use parts of northeastern Syria under their control to reach Kurdish areas of northern Iraq. Warzer Jaff/CNN
A young refugee carries a disabled man across the bridge. Warzer Jaff/CNN
Thousands trudge across a river to seek humanitarian aid in Syria. Warzer Jaff/CNN
A number of those who made the treacherous trek off the mountain told CNN that PKK fighters control parts of the mountain, and they fed and protected them from ISIS. Warzer Jaff/CNN
A Kurdish border guard watches while people cross. Warzer Jaff/CNN
A senior Kurdish official estimated that as many as 70,000 people remain trapped on Mount Sinjar, and that at least 100 have died so far from dehydration and the heat. CNN could not independently confirm those estimates. Warzer Jaff/CNN
A man weeps after been reunited with his family. Warzer Jaff/CNN
A Kurdish Peshmerga stands in front of the bridge. Warzer Jaff/CNN
Children rest after arriving back into Kurdish-controlled Iraq. Warzer Jaff/CNN
A little girl was seen crossing the bridge by herself. The United States is sending more troops to northern Iraq, a move that U.S. officials told CNN is necessary to help in the rescue of tens of thousands of Yazidis trapped in the mountains. Warzer Jaff/CNN