Ariel Garten's brain-reading headband: 'Muse'

Published 1040 GMT (1840 HKT) August 18, 2014
Ariel Garten Ariel Garten
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Meet Ariel Garten: 35-year-old CEO of tech company InteraXon. The business has created a headband which monitors brain activity, called 'Muse.' It claims to help reduce stress as the user focuses on their brain waves, which appear on a screen. Courtesy Interaxon
The headband has been used in a number of experiments, including one where a user urged a tap to pour beer through the power of concentration.
Garten even used Muse to power this levitating chair.
In 2009, InteraXon orchestrated a brainwave-controlled musical and visual performance at the Ontario Premier's Innovation Awards.
For the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games, Muse users controlled a light show over Niagara Falls, similar to the one pictured in this 2013 display. Courtesy John Normile/Getty Images