Burying the fallen in Ukraine

Published 1331 GMT (2131 HKT) August 23, 2014
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Photojournalist Jonathan Alpeyrie took a series of images of pro-Russian rebels burying four fallen fighters in Ukraine, August 18. Jonathan Alpeyrie
The rebels died fighting the Ukrainian army in the eastern Donetsk region. Jonathan Alpeyrie
They came from a small village south of Donetsk near the front lines, their final resting place. Jonathan Alpeyrie
Alpeyrie and his colleagues witnessed the funeral after deciding to follow a convoy of rebel cars and armored vehicles. Jonathan Alpeyrie
The rebels questioned their actions at gunpoint, then allowed them to witness the service. Jonathan Alpeyrie
During the funeral constant shelling could be heard, as government forces were nearby, Alpeyrie says. Jonathan Alpeyrie
For an hour they photographed the entire ceremony. Jonathan Alpeyrie
The photos are rare as the rebels never give access to the kind of events that show their military losses, Alpeyrie says. Jonathan Alpeyrie
"There are just very unique moments ... it was a very personal moment for them," Alpeyrie says. Jonathan Alpeyrie