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August 29, 2014

This Friday, we’re all about explanation. Why is the U.S. deeply concerned about a terrorist group in another hemisphere? How does the popularity of Russia’s president at home contrast with his popularity abroad? What’s different about a new ceasefire in the Middle East, and what kind of technology could change the park bench as we know it? We’ve got it all covered today on CNN Student News.

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1. What kind of natural disaster struck Northern California on Sunday?

2. What kind of unmanned, SpaceX vehicle recently exploded over Texas during a test launch?

3. A team from what country won this year’s Little League World Series?

4. In which borough of New York City would you find Hunts Point?

5. What is the capital of India, where some roads, houses and parks have been overrun by monkeys?

6. What kind of natural disaster has triggered a state of emergency in parts of Guatemala?

7. What is the name of the hurricane that is sending large waves to Southern California?

8. To what country is Burger King planning to move its headquarters from the U.S.?

9. During what war was the U.S. Medal of Honor established for the Navy and Army?

10. What country denies accusations that it has supported rebels in Ukraine with troops and weapons?

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