Joe Biden gets colorful on being a VP -- and it rhymes with glitch

Biden: Isn't it a b****?
Biden: Isn't it a b****?


    Biden: Isn't it a b****?


Biden: Isn't it a b****? 01:01

Story highlights

  • Joe Biden quipped that being a vice president is "a b----"
  • His comment came at a Harvard University event
  • Biden quickly told the crowd he was joking and called taking the job the "best decision I ever made"
Vice President Joe Biden has a colorful take on ranking second.
The latest Bidenism came Thursday night at Harvard University's Institute of Politics, when a questioner introduced himself as the vice president of the student body.
"Isn't that a b----?" a smiling Biden said. "I mean ... excuse me. The vice president thing."
Realizing what he'd just said, Biden quickly added: "I'm joking, I'm joking, I'm joking. Best decision I ever made. I'm joking -- that was a joke."
The student told Biden that he hopes he loves being vice president. "I do, actually. I love the guy I work with," Biden said.
The comment came during a substantive event where Biden discussed free trade deals, foreign policy, the Ebola outbreak, race relations and more.
It's far from the first time Biden's off-the-cuff remarks have drawn attention -- sometimes unwanted. The most famous example came in 2010, when he whispered to President Barack Obama -- close enough for microphones to pick up the comment -- that passage of the health care law was "a big f---ing deal."