Brisbane transgender murder-suicide shocks residents

Victim Mayang Prasetyo, seen in an image taken from her Facebook community page.

Story highlights

  • Authorities are investigating an apparent murder-suicide in an upscale Brisbane suburb
  • An Indonesian transgender sex worker's boyfriend is suspected of cooking her remains in their apartment
  • The suspect, Volke, appears to have taken his own life after running from police
A grisly murder-suicide in the upscale Brisbane neighborhood of Teneriffe has shocked residents of the Queensland city.
Mayang Prasetyo, an Indonesian living and working in the city, was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend, Marcus Peter Volke, who later took his own life, local media has reported.
After residents complained of smells similar to "dog food" and "rotting meat" emanating from the couple's apartment, police investigated.
Upon entry, officers found human remains, a Queensland Police Service (QPS) statement said. Police said they found "various body parts" cooking in chemicals, according to reports.
Further remains were found in garbage bags.
Police have yet to formally identify either Prasetyo or Volke.
"Post mortems are being conducted at present and results won't be released for a couple days, only after that time will they officially identify the deceased," a QPS communications officer told CNN.
Volke, a chef, fled the street-level apartment when police arrived at the scene. His body was later found in the neighborhood. He appears to have died of a self-inflicted wound, reports said.
Tributes poured in on Prasetyo's Facebook page, with friends describing her as an "amazing soul" and a "happy, cheerful person."
Prasetyo, a transgender cabaret dancer, met Volke on board a cruise ship that they both were working on.
Australian media reported that she was working as a "high class prostitute" and using her earnings to fund the education of family members in Indonesia.
Voke's mother told Brisbane media that he and Prasetyo were "starting to get settled" in Brisbane after an itinerant life aboard cruise ships.
The Brisbane Times reported that Volke was an "outspoken opponent" of violence against women, and animal cruelty.
His hometown newspaper, the Courier in Ballarat, Victoria, however, quoted an unnamed schoolmate describing Volke as "always a little different. He wasn't a happy-go-lucky guy like the rest of us -- he was a bit dark."
He did not have a criminal record or history of mental illness, and authorities have not released a motive for the murder.