Ebola cases could soar to 10,000 a week

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Spanish nurse's assistant is producing antibodies to fight Ebola, a source says

A U.N. worker from Sudan dies from Ebola in a hospital in Leipzig, Germany

The 56-year-old U.N. staffer had been working in Liberia

Germany is now caring for only one Ebola patient, a hospital spokesman says

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It’s an ominous number.

There could be up to 10,000 new Ebola cases per week in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone by the end of this year as the outbreak spreads, the World Health Organization warned Tuesday.

And now that a nurse has become the first person to contract Ebola on American soil, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it has a new plan to help hospitals handle the deadly virus.

“For any hospital anywhere in the country that has a confirmed case of Ebola, we will put a team on the ground within hours,” CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden told reporters.

The response team will include experts in infection control, protective equipment and experimental therapies. A team such as that, Frieden said, might have prevented a Dallas nurse from contracting the disease. The nurse was a member of the medical team that treated an Ebola patient who died last week.

“I wish we had put a team like this on the ground the day the first patient was diagnosed. That might have prevented this infection,” Frieden said. “But we will do that from this day onward with any case anywhere in the U.S.”