'Parts Unknown': Hue, Vietnam

Updated 2112 GMT (0512 HKT) March 26, 2015
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In the latest episode of "Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown," the host travels to the city of Hue in central Vietnam. Here, Bourdain eats with fishermen on a boat at a floating market. David S. Holloway/CNN
Bourdain eats cơm hến, or clam rice, in the streets of Hue. David S. Holloway/CNN
Bourdain says some of his best meals, like this one, are served in a bowl on the side of the street. David S. Holloway/CNN
Residents stop for bun bo Hue, an elaborate noodle soup, in Dong Ba Market. Bourdain calls it "the greatest soup in the world." Rice noodles are cooked and served in a spicy, rich broth made from beef and pork bones. It's often accompanied by cubes of congealed pork blood, banana blossoms, scallions and mung bean sprouts. David S. Holloway/CNN
Bourdain eats with his good friend Linh at Duyên Anh, a seafood restaurant that lets diners pick out fresh catches from the Tam Ziang Lagoon and the South China Sea. David S. Holloway/CNN
Bourdain and Linh feast on grilled eel at Duyên Anh. David S. Holloway/CNN
Bourdain travels a few hours north to the village of Vinh Moc, which moved underground in a series of elaborate tunnels during the Vietnam War. Quac Thanh, a local fishermen who grew up in the tunnels, roasts a fresh catch over an open charcoal fire on the beach for Bourdain. David S. Holloway/CNN
Bourdain partakes in "an choi," or recreational snacking. David S. Holloway/CNN
Bourdain eats bánh bèo, a steamed rice cake with crumbled fried shrimp, fried shallots and pork cracklings. David S. Holloway/CNN
A woman at the restaurant blows on the coals to keep the flames going for a meal. David S. Holloway/CNN