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Colo. girls caught en route to join ISIS
01:37 - Source: CNN

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All three girls skipped school and took a flight to Germany, wanted to go to Turkey

Officials say they were trying to make it to Syria to join ISIS

Two of the girls, of Somali descent, stole $2,000 from their parents

The trio was caught at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany

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The FBI, which is investigating why the girls left, is “aware of the situation and assisted with bringing the individuals back to Denver. That is all the information we can provide at this time,” said agency spokeswoman Sue Payne in Denver.

He dialed her cell. And she answered. But, officials say, she didn’t tell him that she was on her way to Syria to join ISIS.

She was just late for class, that’s all, Ibrahim’s daughter told him on Friday, according to the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, which filed a runaway report.

The American girl of Sudanese descent also kept quiet about her two girlfriends, Americans of Somali descent, who were flying with her to Turkey by way of Germany.

Two more girls, sisters

Those two had told their father, Ali Farah, that they were going to the library.

But when Farah got home from work, a visitor came calling, according to the documents. Apparently, it was Ibrahim.

Farah should check to see if his daughters’ passports were missing, the visitor told him – just like his daughter’s passport was.