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November 21, 2014

Executive action announced last night headlines this Friday edition of CNN Student News. What will the president’s plan do, what are its limits, and how are Republican lawmakers responding? It’s all included in today’s show. In addition, we’re updating you on record snowfall in Buffalo, New York, and we’re providing a legal view involving drones and privacy.

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1. What is the name of the group of advanced economies who sent delegates to a recent, international meeting in Australia?

2. What country is grappling with protests and corruption following the disappearance of 43 students in late September?

3. Name the organization that determines the curriculum for the SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

4. Over what war-torn country was Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 traveling when it was shot down on July 17?

5. What U.S. government agency sent officials to question several NFL teams after former players accused the league of illegally handing out painkillers?

6. What country has the world’s third-largest economy and most populated city?

7. What U.S. city received more than 72 inches of snowfall between Tuesday and Thursday?

8. What kind of commodity is carried by the Keystone Pipeline system?

9. Some food manufacturers are predicting that by 2030, demand will outpace supply by 2 million metric tons for what product?

10. What term describes a presidential change in policy that is made without the consent of Congress?

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