Dogs of Donetsk share citizens' struggle to survive

Published 1628 GMT (0028 HKT) November 24, 2014
Donetsk dogs 4Donetsk dogs 4
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In an animal shelter on the outskirts of Donetsk, almost 1,000 dogs are being cared for after they were abandoned or orphaned in Ukraine's deadly conflict. Denis Lapin/CNN
Victoria Vasilieva, who runs the sanctuary, says many of the animals used to be terrified by the sounds of war. Now, like the people of Donetsk, they hardly notice them. Denis Lapin/CNN
Some of the dogs were found tied up and emaciated, left behind when their owners fled; others were wounded by shrapnel -- all have been left traumatized by their experiences. Denis Lapin/CNN
A few lucky dogs are headed to new homes elsewhere in Europe, but most will remain at the shelter for as long as there is money to feed them. Denis Lapin/CNN
Elsewhere in Donetsk, dogs are running wild, in packs, leading the city's residents to fear that they may become vicious as the winter sets in and cold and hunger strike. Denis Lapin/CNN
Donetsk was once a prosperous city, but now many of those who remain are struggling to find the money to buy bread -- some have been forced to try and sell their few meager belongings to make ends meet.