Introducing the Strawberry Tree

Updated 1118 GMT (1918 HKT) December 15, 2014
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The Strawberry Tree is a public solar-powered station that allows users to recharge their mobile phones for free. Courtesy Strawberry Tree
The station contains 16 chargers for a variety of mobile phones and tablets, as well as USB sockets and its own wi-fi. Courtesy Strawberry Energy
Strawberry Trees can work for up to 20 days without sunlight thanks to its in-built solar batteries. Courtesy Strawberry Energy
The Tree is equipped with sensors which measure conditions like air pollution, noise levels, and UV radiation in its vicinity. Courtesy Strawberry Tree
"I was fascinated with clean technology, and I wanted to find a way that it could benefit people in their everyday life by solving a common problem -- running out of battery," says creator Milos Milisavljevic. Courtesy Strawberry Energy
There are currently 12 Strawberry Trees spread across Serbia and Bosnia, and the team is planning to expand to America in partnership with U.S. company 3fficient. Courtesy Strawberry Tree