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The story of the impromptu football match during the 1914 Christmas Truce of the First World War has been well publicized. A number of organizations have used the tale for educational purposes but historians remain split on whether the event actually took place. Premier League
A participant wearing the uniform of WWI soldiers poses in Belgium during the inauguration of a monument to commemorate those of opposite camps who are reported to have played a game during the 1914 truce. PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images
Prince William takes a moment to remember those who fought in WWI in front of the memorial designed by 10 year-old Spencer Turner from Newcastle. WPA Pool/Getty Images
Youngsters from Hearts, which played an integral part in Britain's First World War effort, attended a memorial for those from the Scottish club who lost their lives. McRae's Battalion, which comprised of players from Hearts, suffered heavy casualties. Premier League
One of the young players takes time to read the names on the Menin Gate at Ypres. Clubs from 10 European countries took their teams to the tournament where they learned about the history of the First World War. Premier League
Chelsea's young stars of the future won the two-day tournament by defeating French club Paris Saint-Germain in the final. Premier League