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Published 1106 GMT (1906 HKT) December 29, 2014
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Candied apples: Snezana Popovic says candied apples are an indispensable part of street celebrations in Serbia. She took this photo at the "Street of Open Heart" event which is organized every January 1 at several locations in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. Courtesy Snezana Popovic
Perucac Lake: Sandra Pavlovic was taken aback by the stunning landscape of Perucac Lake on the Serbia-Bosnia border: "Not knowing how beautiful it was before I went there surprised me," she says. Courtesy Sandra Pavlovic
Golubac Fortress: Dragan Miletic took this photo of a colorful boat on the river Danube, with the medieval Golubac fortress bathed in golden light in the background. Courtesy Dragan Miletic
St. Mark's Church, Belgrade: Milos Stojsic photographs interesting spots in Serbia's capital as a hobby. In this picture he captured one of the city's most beautiful landmarks, St. Mark's Church. Milos Stojsic
Vrnjacka Banja: Professional photographer Milan Mitrovic took this breathtaking picture of his home town, Vrnjacka Banja, a spa town famous for the therapeutic effect of its mineral waters. Courtesy Milan Mitrovic
Kopaonik Mountain: Slavko Savic grew up on a mountain, and wanted to share the crisp, frosty beauty of Kopaonik, Serbia's most famous ski resort, with the world. Courtesy Slavko Savic
Plums: Serbia is one of the leading plum growers in the world. Called "blue gold," they are often used to make sljivovica, Serbia's national drink. Sanja Petrovic took this photo of a basket of ripe plums in her godfather's orchard. Courtesy Sanja Petrovic
Pirot: The town of Pirot, in southeastern Serbia, has long been known for its tradition of carpet weaving, but it is its hidden corners and pathways that inspired Aleksa Cakic to capture his home town with his lens. Courtesy Aleksa Cakic
Stara Planina Mountain: Danica Djokic captured the beauty of the Stara Planina Mountain while on a camping holiday there in August 2014. "I was fascinated with the wild and untouched nature, and the lonely villages we came across," she says. Courtesy Danica Djokic
Belgrade: Miroslav Borojevic lives in Ohio but is originally from Serbia, and decided to share his favorite picture from his journey back through his homeland. Here, you can see The Victor monument in Belgrade, with the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers in the background. Courtesy Miroslav Borojevic