Internet of Things, or IdioT?

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  • Jeff Yang: The buzzword in tech is "Internet of Things," where devices are interconnected
  • He says fall for the gadgets if you want, the price is just a thick wad of bills out of your wallet

(CNN)This year, at the annual gargantuan gadget gathering known as CES, the titans of technology stood on stage to deliver virtually the same message, one after the other: We have arrived at a turning point in human society -- one in which the world around us is so deeply embedded with intelligent electronic objects that we can essentially outsource huge aspects of our life to them!

Personal fitness. Family communications. Home management. And now that our devices are becoming interlinked as a vast always-on network, they don't even need to be supervised anymore -- our stuff can handle all of these irritating tasks just by talking with each another.
    Jeff Yang
    The buzzword for this idea is the "Internet of Things." And if truth be told, the IoT (as it's been hastily acronymed) sounds...pretty cool!