The many hats of Modi

Updated 0445 GMT (1245 HKT) January 20, 2015
kohima- Nagaland -BJPkohima- Nagaland -BJP
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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wears a traditional Naga warrior headgear at the Hornbill festival in Nagaland. Horbill, a bird admired greatly by locals in Nagaland, is symbolically used in these traditional tribal headgears. These headgears are considered symbols of power, position and status. It can only be worn if one has inherited or earned the right. Courtesy BJP
Modi wears a Koyet, a local headdress worn by the Meitei community in the state of Manipur in India. Courtesy BJP
Seen here is another Manipuri headgear with peacock feathers usually worn by dancers who play the part of Lord Krishna, a Hindu God, in a traditional Manipuri dance. Modi wears it in Imphal, the state capital, during an election rally. Courtesy BJP
Modi wears a traditional Maroon Pahari topi -- a mountain cap that is often given to guests visiting the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. These hats have become famous art work of local tribes. They come in two colors -- green and maroon -- with different designs representing different areas in the state. Courtesy BJP
Modi attends a rally in the state of Assam wearing the traditional Japi hat made from bamboo. The Japi is usually worn by Assamese farmers and cowherds and is also a ceremonial item. Strdel/AFP/Getty
Modi speaks at a rally in Punjab wearing a saffron turban, also known as Dastar. A piece of long cloth is tied and wound around the head several times and is worn by Sikhs across the world. Courtesy BJP
Modi wears a traditional hornbill hat known as a Bopia hat. It is made with the beak and feathers of the rufous-necked hornbill, a species of hornbill found in Northeastern Indian subcontinent. These hats are worn in the Northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh and are now made with artificial beaks. Courtesy BJP
Modi is seen wearing a traditional Ladakhi hat with upturned side flaps along with a traditional Ladakhi dress, Goncha. Both local men and women in Ladakh wear the headdress and the dress. Courtesy
Even in foreign countries, the Indian leader is also seen adorning different hats. Here, Modi wears a traditional Gaung Baung, also known as a "head wrap" in Burmese. This headwear is worn as a part of traditional ceremony attire in Myanmar and represents a sign of rank and respect. Courtesy