Down but not out: Relief as seagull recovers after being bowled over during TV cricket match

    Rob Quiney of the Melbourne Stars removes the seagull from the pitch after it was struck by a cricket ball.

    Story highlights

    • Trajectory of a speeding ball catches the hapless bird full on
    • The stunned bird stumbles back to its feet soon after

    (CNN)Cricket fans and animal lovers alike were breathing a sigh of relief late Wednesday, as a seagull recovered after being knocked cold by a cricket ball during a televised match in Melbourne, Australia.

    As more than 30,000 spectators looked on at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) during Wednesday night's T20 "Big Bash" league clash between the Melbourne Stars and Perth Scorchers, visiting batsman Adam Voges thumped the ball towards the boundary for a certain four.
      But the trajectory of the speeding ball caught the hapless bird full on as it strutted around the outfield, turning it into a mass of feathers.
      Seemingly lifeless, the downed seagull was taken off the pitch by Melbourne fielder Rob Quiney.
      Miraculously, the stunned bird stumbled back to its feet soon after, prompting a huge roar of approval from the crowd.
      "The bird was taken outside into Yarra Park at the change of innings and released into the park when it was clear that the bird's health was okay," MCG Media and Publicity Adviser Sarah Gordon told
      "A remarkable recovery!"
        The seagull's unintentional intervention saved the home side two runs, a small contribution towards the Stars' three-wicket victory.