Mia Hamm: The most powerful woman in football?

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Story highlights

Mia Hamm won World Cups and Olympic medals with the U.S. women's soccer team

She played for her country on over 200 occasions across three decades

Hamm is now a board member at AS Roma and minority owner of Los Angeles Football Club

CNN  — 

She’s one of the most powerful women in football after cracking one of sports’ most notorious glass ceilings, but even Mia Hamm is not immune from the demands of domestic drudgery.

“Sorry for all of the noise,” she says as the clatter of workmen and screaming kids crackles down the phone line. “The people who were supposed to be here 30 minutes ago to fix our carpets have just shown up!”

A proud mother of seven-year-old twin girls and a baby boy, Hamm was for the best part of two decades America’s foremost footballer.

Though the World Cup winner and double Olympic gold medalist – described as “the biggest U.S.-born soccer star of all time” – is swift to laugh off such lofty titles.

“I’m just a former player that every day has to wake up, get her kids to school and figure out what I’m making them for lunch and dinner,” the 42-year-old Hamm, who played for the U.S. women’s team on over 200 occasions between 1987 and 2004, told CNN.

However, it’s not just the school run and her kids’ packed lunches that Hamm has on her mind these days. Appointed to the board of directors at major Italian club Roma, she occupies a position within the sport that few other women can match.

As well as her role in the “Eternal City,” the Alabama native is a minority owner of the newly-formed Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) – which will join Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2017.

“I never stand up there and say ‘I’m doing this to get more women in football,’” says Hamm of her appointment at Roma, which is owned by Italian American investor James Pallotta.

“But I take pride in the fact and I look at it as a great responsibility to make sure I do the best job I can.

“I personally didn’t say yes just to tick a box. I think they will soon learn that I have opinions, I have ideas.”

Hamm’s links to the Italian capital go beyond the boardroom.

Her parents lived in the city for over four years when she was younger, with her father – an Air Force pilot – working at the U.S. embassy in Rome.