Visit the Warner Bros. secret movie prop archive

By Rachel Rodriguez, CNN

Updated 1717 GMT (0117 HKT) February 14, 2015
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The Warner Bros. movie prop archive is top-secret. Located somewhere outside London (we can't tell you where), the unlabeled, nondescript warehouse is home to invaluable treasures from series like "The Dark Knight" and "Harry Potter." It's under 24-hour surveillance and cameras have never been allowed in -- until now. Rachel Rodriguez/CNN
CNN gained exclusive access to this treasure trove of film history (also owned by our parent company, Time Warner), and we checked out some of the props you said you wanted to see most. Click through the gallery to see if you can identify some of your favorite props, then watch the video for a full tour of the massive archive. Rachel Rodriguez/CNN
Let's get started. Recognize this bit of heavy machinery? Rachel Rodriguez/CNN
It's the Tumbler from "The Dark Knight Rises" (aka the Batmobile). The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray and DVD/Warner Home Entertainment
CNN's Max Foster tested out the tank-like Tumbler. The engine, lights and even windshield wipers really work! Rachel Rodriguez/CNN
This should be an easy one. Note the colors. Rachel Rodriguez/CNN
It's a Gryffindor cloak and tie from Hogwarts, as seen in the "Harry Potter" films. The one pictured was worn by Mr. Potter himself, actor Daniel Radcliffe. The Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection Blu-ray/Warner Home Entertainment
More of Harry's outfits hang in neat, crowded rows in the archive. Rachel Rodriguez/CNN
All of these costumes from the "Harry Potter" series are waiting to be packaged into protective muslin garment bags, as seen in the first frame of the gallery. Rachel Rodriguez/CNN
We also spotted the Golden Snitch, another key piece of "Potter" memorabilia. This gold-plated one doesn't move (it was designed for close-ups), but the film crew made several mechanical ones that did. Rachel Rodriguez/CNN
And here's the "Harry Potter" Knightbus, standing out in vibrant purple in one corner of the archive. It's one of two made by modifying real London double-decker buses. You can see the second one on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. Rachel Rodriguez/CNN
This one might be a bit tricky. Can you place the space suit? Rachel Rodriguez/CNN
It's the NASA suit worn by George Clooney in the critically-acclaimed 2013 film "Gravity." Gravity on 3D, Blu-ray and DVD/Warner Home Entertainment
Fierce! Who is she? Rachel Rodriguez/CNN
Catwoman, of course! This is the costume worn by Anne Hathaway in "The Dark Knight Rises." The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray and DVD/Warner Home Entertainment
That's a pretty sweet bit of weaponry. Can you tell what film it came from? Rachel Rodriguez/CNN
It's the Batpod, also from "The Dark Knight" series. The unique vehicle is also known as the Batcycle or Batbike. The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray and DVD/Warner Home Entertainment
Catwoman also took a spin on the pod in "The Dark Knight Rises." The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray and DVD/Warner Home Entertainment
Here it is in the archive, with costumes for Batman, Bane and Catwoman on display behind it. All these items are usually packed safely away in special containers, but the archivists pulled them out for our visit. Rachel Rodriguez/CNN
This is how most of the warehouse usually looks -- items packed carefully into neatly labeled boxes, protected by acid-free paper. The boxes stretch all the way up to the ceiling, looking a bit like the last scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Rachel Rodriguez/CNN
This time we're asking you to name a whole set. Where's Max Foster now? Rachel Rodriguez/CNN
In space this time! This is the Shenzhou capsule, also from "Gravity." Max is a lot taller than Sandra Bullock, so he really had to fold himself up to fit in the tiny space. Gravity on 3D, Blu-ray and DVD/Warner Home Entertainment