Ski jump world record lasts one day as Anders Fannemel flies to new mark

    Anders Fannemel clinched the new record just 24 hours after Peter Prevc had set his at the same venue.

    Story highlights

    • Anders Fannemel breaks ski-jumping world record 24 hours after it is set
    • Slovenia's Peter Prevc had originally broken the record with a leap of 250 meters
    • But then the Norwegian went 1.5m further to set a new mark

    (CNN)On the swoop of the Vikersundbakken hill ski jump, it was a case of anything you can do, I can do better.

    When Peter Prevc soared a massive 250 meters (820 feet) to set a new ski jumping world record in Norway on Saturday, he must have been confident the record would stand for some time.
      After all, the previous mark had been in the record books for four years and Prevc had soared 3.5 meters (11 feet) further than that.
        But the Slovenian had barely had a chance to celebrate his place in the annals of ski jumping history when his best effort was eclipsed by Norwegian rival Anders Fannemel.
        The 23-year-old nudged the record leap another 1.5 meters (5 feet) further Sunday at the same venue.
        In quotes carried by the FIS website afterward, Fannemel said: "I thought it would not be possible to jump longer than 250m. Then I saw Dimitry Vassiliev's jump on 254m [in qualifying which he was not able to make stand].
        "The conditions were perfect for long flights and I made the best jump of my life."
        It was, however, not enough for the victory, his second jump coming up some way short of the initial mark and Severin Freund won the World Cup instead.
        Earlier in the weekend, Prevc had been the first non-Scandinanvian since Austria's Andreas Goldberger 15 years ago to set the record.
        At the time, Prevc had said: "It's always great to jump far. This win today and the world record is my biggest success so far.
        "The speed and the position was perfect then I just landed. Right now, it's hard to describe my feelings, it will probably take a few days."
        But Prevc did not have those few days to dwell on his historic landing as Scandinavia wrestled back the record courtesy of Fannemel.