Alex Morgan: Body confident and ready to play

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    • Alex Morgan is the star striker of the USWNT, scoring 50 goals for her country so far
    • The 25-year-old has twice modeled for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition
    • Morgan is proud of the body she has worked for and hopes to inspire confidence in younger girls

    (CNN)She looks every inch a Bond girl, reclining in the Caribbean shallows, the breakwater washing over her bronzed body as she runs her fingers through her long, lustrous tawny locks.

    Slim, toned with rock-hard abs, she has a physique that 007 himself would probably kill for.
      "It's important to accept your body for what God gave you," the star of the U.S. women's soccer team Alex Morgan tells CNN in a phone interview, as she talks about her career -- and the importance of being comfortable in your own skin, whatever shape you are.
        Football's answer to Ursula Andress, the 25-year-old Morgan has posed for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition. Twice.
        The publication's annual homage to scantily-clad women divides opinion, with critics arguing it serves only to objectify the female athletes who occasionally feature on its pages.
        Away from the camera lens, the pacey striker's achievements have propelled her to the summit of women's football. Morgan has half a century of goals for her country and already has