Horror bus crash leaves nine dead in India

Pictures of the crashed bus at the bottom of the gorge taken on Tuesday morning.

Delhi, India (CNN)Nine people were killed when a bus carrying 54 passengers plunged into a 250-feet deep gorge in central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

The bus was commuting late Monday from the city of Indore to Galiakot, a town in the western state of Rajasthan popular with Muslim pilgrims.
Jayshree Kisawat, a magistrate in Dhar district where the accident happened, told CNN the bus had attempted to take a sharp turn on a narrow road when it lost control, sending it tumbling down into the gorge.
    "Nearly 200 police and state officials, including some from neighboring Jabhua district, rushed to the scene and we were able to successfully conduct the rescue operation despite very little light," she said.
    Floodlights, cranes and power generators were brought in to help with the operation, she added.
    The state government has already announced compensation for the passengers on board -- 100,000 rupees ($1,600) for each death, 50,000 rupees ($800) for every injured passenger and 10,000 rupees ($160) for passengers who escaped unhurt.