It's so cold, Niagara Falls froze

By Christina Zdanowicz, CNN

Updated 1631 GMT (0031 HKT) February 20, 2015
irpt frozen niagara falls by Spencer Wyilleirpt frozen niagara falls by Spencer Wyille
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An unprecedented cold front has frozen parts of Niagara Falls, drawing tourists to document the rare event. The minus 22-degree weather didn't stop iReporter Spencer Wyllie from capturing the beauty of the falls on Thursday. Spencer Wyille/CNN iReport
"Most of the buildup is on the American and Bridal Veil Falls," said Wyllie. Spencer Wyille/CNN iReport
Professional photographer and iReporter Dave Perry went to see the frozen wonderland on Thursday. He said it was "so cold I wondered why I was taking photos here but the scene makes it worth the trek." Dave Perry/CNN iReport
Perry also trekked to the falls Monday, when he spotted some unusual frozen formations. Dave Perry/CNN iReport
The Burlington, Ontario, resident walked along the edge of the falls, where he saw the American side glistening with ice. Dave Perry/CNN iReport
Only after taking a series of photographs did he realize the falls were frozen. "It didn't strike me at first when I took this shot," Perry said. "I thought it looked like teeth, like a monster's smile." Dave Perry/CNN iReport
Perry and dozens of tourists from America and Canada are making their way to see the frozen scene. Dave Perry/CNN iReport
The National Weather Service said extremely cold Arctic air may allow for expansion of the ice across the falls. Dave Perry/CNN iReport