What's squeezing a woman's bottom got to do with sport?

    Story highlights

    • Belgium cycling tournament scraps poster of podium girl's bum
    • Sparks global debate about sexism in cycling
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    (CNN)A gloved hand reaches for a scantily-clad backside.

    It could be an image from the hit television series "Mad Men," which documented the ribald world of advertising in 1960s America.
      Except this is 2015 and "Who squeezes them in Harelbeke?" is the poster strapline for the elite E3 Harelbeke competition in Belgium, accompanied by that gloved cyclist's hand poised to pinch a woman's bottom.
      Unlike the wind provocatively lifting up her skirt, the controversial advertisement wasn't dreamed up out of thin air.
      It's inspired by previous winner Slovak Peter Sagan, who pinched a podium girl's behind at the 2013 Tour de Flanders -- something he later apologized for, saying "I promise to act more respectfully in the future."