Thatch point! Roger Federer ribs Andy Murray's hairstyle on Twitter

    Story highlights

    • Tennis legend Roger Federer exchanges hairstyle tips with Andy Murray
    • The men discuss curls, smoothness and "being worth it" over Twitter
    • The sport is no stranger to funky hairstyles over the years
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    (CNN)What does 17-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer have to talk about with World No. 4 Andy Murray?

    Hairstyles, apparently.
      Federer crashed the Scot's Q&A Twitter session on Thursday to tease Murray about his lustrous locks, asking "how do you get your hair to be so curly?" with the hashtag "helpabrotherout."
      Murray joked back: "I don't take as good care of mine as you! I saw you checking your hair out during the photo shoot yesterday #silkysmooth," before posting an image of himself from 2008 with a curly mane, adding "let me know if you ever want to go down this route.. Think it would be good for your image."
      Earlier this month, Federer suffered some embarrassment of his own when a small boy played a point against the 33-year-old -- outmaneuvering the Swiss legend with a perfect lob at an exhibition match in New York.
      Both Federer and Murray are competing in the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells this week. Four-time winner Federer is aiming for his 50th match win at the Californian tournament while Murray is looking to improve on his runner-up finish in 2009.