How to help those in Vanuatu

Residents clean up their homes in Porta Vila, Vanuatu, days after Cyclone Pam ripped through the island nation.

Story highlights

  • Tropical Cyclone Pam struck the island nation of Vanuatu
  • Aid workers on the ground are reporting massive destruction

(CNN)Just as meteorologists feared, Tropical Cyclone Pam pummeled the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. It is the strongest storm to make landfall, since the devastating Super Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in 2013.

The government declared a state of emergency, as the death toll continues to rise. Thousands are in critical need of shelter, food and water -- including many children. Aid workers on the ground are reporting massive destruction.
    Vanuatu President Baldwin Lonsdale told CNN that the cyclone's destruction was the worst his country had ever experienced. He described the storm as a "monster."
    Officials are reporting that 90% of the homes in the Vanuatu capital are damaged or destroyed. With communication still down between many of the islands, the full extent of this storm's devastation is still unknown.
      If you would like to contribute to the efforts of those in place to help the victims of this storm, please check out the groups listed below. Though it may take days to realize Tropical Cyclone Pam's full toll on Vanuatu, these organizations are poised to help.