Stunt planes crash in Malaysia while practicing for upcoming show

Story highlights

  • Stunt planes were practicing for an upcoming show
  • In a close pass, two of them appeared to clip each other

(CNN)A pair of Indonesian military jets crashed Sunday in Langkawi, Malaysia, after they collided during a practice session for an upcoming airshow, Malaysia's official Bernama news service reported.

The report did not mention deaths or injuries.
    The two jets, part of Indonesia's military aerobatic team, clipped each other head-on while passing the airport at high speed. At least three videos purportedly of the crash appeared on social media.
    One plane could be seen bursting into flames, and it appeared two parachutes opened behind that plane, as it plummeted to the ground.
    One witness told Bernama that at least one of the pilots' was able to eject from the crashing plane with a parachute, while another witness said that a plane crashed into a nearby home, setting it on fire.