Dads cherish Sweden's parental leave

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  • Johan Bavman photographed fathers in Sweden, which has generous parental leave
  • Sweden's policies encourage fathers to take just as much leave as mothers

(CNN)When photographer Johan Bavman became a father for the first time, he took more than a passing wonder about how his native Sweden is said to be the most generous nation on Earth for parental leave.

He immersed himself in fatherhood -- twice over, you might say.
    He used his photography to document the real-life experience of other fathers taking full advantage of Sweden's extraordinary program, which allows mothers and fathers to take long, long leaves from their careers so they can care for their newborns.
      Get this: Sweden grants a total of 480 calendar days of parental leave, with 390 of them paid at 80% of income, with a maximum of 3,160 euros a month or $3,474.