Women's University Boat Race turns tide with historic first Thames race

    (CNN)For more than 150 years, men's rowing crews from Oxford and Cambridge have battled it out for supremacy in the annual University Boat Race on London's River Thames.

    A lot of water has passed under the bridge since the race was first contested over the four-and-a-quarter mile course between Putney and Mortlake in 1845, but never have two women crews from the UK's oldest universities raced on that same famed waterway. Until now.
    On Saturday, in a long overdue break with tradition, two female teams will compete in the Women's Boat Race on the route and on the same day as their male counterparts for the first time.
      "We are all really excited about it happening. It's a really major step for women's rowing bringing the Women's Boat Race to the Tideway (the part of the Thames subjected to tides)," said David Searle, Executive Director of the Boat Race Company, who organize the annual event.
        "It's been on people's wish list to happen for a very long time. It's really very exciting and the fulfillment of loads of different people's ambitions and the efforts of a vast number of people from the organizers to women's clubs to the men's clubs as well who have been very accommodating."