Which sports personality are you?

Updated 1747 GMT (0147 HKT) April 15, 2015
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Your favorite sport tells a lot about you, according to new research ... Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images
According to a study by Mindlab, cyclists are the most calm and laid back, as well as being the most materialistic. Bryn Lennon/Getty Images/file
Most likely to be extroverts, runners apparently love being the center of attention, and are partial to lively upbeat music. PETER MUHLY/AFP/Getty Images/file
Listed as one of the least materialistic groups, yoga lovers are very agreeable, conscientious and -- despite exercising bare-footed -- find it easy to put themselves in other people's shoes. Janel Norton
A fan of their own company, trekkers don't like drawing attention to themselves, and are the least materialistic -- no yoga mats or trendy leggings required here. Paul Gilham/Getty Images for Reebok/file
One of the happiest types, at the gym you'll find extroverted and highly emotionally stable people. BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images/file
According to the study, swimmers are not only happy, tidy and charitable, but they make the best lovers too. Time to check out the local pool... Ivo Gonzalez/Getty Images