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Case against Argentine President dismissed
01:30 - Source: CNN

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The prosecutor looking at allegations against Argentina's President says no crime committed

The original prosecutor who brought the case was found dead in January

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A prosecutor has dismissed allegations that Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner tried to cover up Iran’s involvement in a 1994 bombing in Buenos Aires.

The move by prosecutor Javier de Luca to drop the case could mean a definitive end to the accusations that have roiled the nation, according to Argentina’s state-run Telam news agency.

The case became of high interest globally after the original prosecutor who brought the allegations was found dead in January.

Alberto Nisman was found dead days after making the accusations. His death sparked outrage and conspiracy theories aplenty.

Nisman alleged that Argentina’s government agreed not to go after Iranian suspects in the bombing in exchange for a favorable trade deal.

The 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in the Argentine capital is the deadliest terror attack in the country’s history. Eighty-five people were killed, and hundreds were injured.

A second prosecutor took the reins after Nisman’s death and took the case to court in February. A judge dismissed the case, saying that Nisman’s allegations did not hold up.

Following that, the case went to prosecutor de Luca for a possible appeal.

On Monday, de Luca announced that in his investigation he found that “there was no crime here, either carried out or attempted,” according to Telam.