Wild and working animals in profile

Published 1002 GMT (1802 HKT) April 21, 2015
Charlotte Dumas Horse 2Charlotte Dumas Horse 2
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Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas portrays society's forgotten animals in up-close-and-personal projects. For her series "The Widest Prairies," she lived in a trailer in Nevada. Over 40,000 wild horses roam freely over 10 states in western U.S. Charlotte Dumas
A feral horse crosses the road in Dayton, Nevada. The wild horse population has exceeded its safety limit by 22,500, according to the Bureau of Land Management. Charlotte Dumas
A wild mustang grazes near a highway in rural Nevada. The intersection between wild horses and residential communities can have dangerous health consequences, according to an equine veterinarian. Charlotte Dumas
A retired 9/11 search-and-rescue dog, profiled in 2011 for Dumas' series "Retrieved." Charlotte Dumas
Ringo, a military horse used for funeral processions at Arlington National Cemetery, shown resting in his stable. Dumas spent 15 nights in the stable to capture the moments for her video work, "Anima." Charlotte Dumas
A wolf photographed in upstate New York by Dumas for her Reverie series. Charlotte Dumas
Zeus, a tiger captured in stillness by Charlotte Dumas (behind a fence) at a wild cat preservation in Texas. Charlotte Dumas
A street dog in Liguria, Italy. Part of "Al Lavaro!" by Charlotte Dumas. Charlotte Dumas