Huge volcano eruption fills Chilean skies

Updated 1215 GMT (2015 HKT) May 1, 2015
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A thick plume pours from the Calbuco Volcano near Puerto Montt, Chile, on Thursday, April 30. The volcano erupted again Thursday, marking the third time since last week. About 1,500 people were evacuated this time, an Interior Ministry official said. The eruptions at the Calbuco are the first in more than four decades. Francisco Negroni/AP
Calbuco Volcano erupts again on April 30. The explosion was described as smaller than the eruptions on April 22 and April 23, CNN Chile said. David Cortes Serey/Agencia Uno/AP
Chile's Calbuco Volcano erupted Wednesday, April 22, sending a huge ash cloud over a sparsely populated, mountainous area in southern Chile. Military and police forces helped evacuate more than 4,400 residents then, the Interior Ministry said. Carlos F. Gutierrez/ap
Chilean officials say the eruption was preceded by a rise in seismic activity about an hour before, which sent a gray column of ash more than 9 miles (15 kilometers) into the sky. GIORDANA SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty
Officials have declared a state of emergency in the town of Llanquihue and the town of Puerto Octay as well as a red alert for Chile's Lakes Region and the towns of Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas. Carlos F. Gutierrez/ap
Ash and smoke shoots into the sky from the Calbuco Volcano. STR/AFP/Getty Images
Authorities order people to evacuate within a 12.4-mile (20-kilometer) zone of the volcano. REPETTOGIAN REPETTO/AFP/Getty Images
The last major eruption was in the early 1960s. There was a minor eruption in 1972. Calbuco also belched out a bit of gas and smoke in 1996.
The eruption could be seen clearly from Puerto Varas, a popular vacation destination. GIORDANA SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty
There have been no reports of deaths, missing people, or injuries, said Chilean Interior Minister Rodrigo Penailillo last week. jorge dobson