Tibet couple's wedding photos go viral

Published 0754 GMT (1554 HKT) April 23, 2015
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Gerong Phuntsok, 30, and Dawa Drolma, 26, both grew up in the Tibetan part of China's Sichuan Province. Their unconventional pre-wedding photos became a nationwide hit on social media. He Di/TBT Future
Without wedding gowns and suits, they instead attempted to capture traditional and modern aspects of life in China. In this photo, they are seen wandering on the Chengdu International Financial Square in slick suits. He Di/TBT Future
The photos were originally posted on WeChat, a popular instant messaging tool in China. The state-run Xinhua news agency reported they have been seen by 80% of WeChat users. He Di/TBT Future
The couple left their own hometowns after graduating from high school. They now live and work in Chengdu, a major city in western China. He Di/TBT Future
Deeply connected to the Tibetan culture that they grew up with, they feel something is missing in their new urban life, Gerong said. He Di/TBT Future
As a result, they went to their homeland to shoot their pre-wedding photos -- a popular ritual in China. In this photo, the couple dress up in traditional Tibetan robes in front of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region. He Di/TBT Future
Although they feel deeply connected to where they grew up, the couple said they would find it strange to return after many years away. He Di/TBT Future
Through the images, they want to send the message to young Chinese that as long as they don't give up pursuing their dreams, home is wherever they are. He Di/TBT Future
In this photo, the couple are taking corn kernels off the cob in Gerong's hometown of Garze in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. He Di/TBT Future