Driving for diversity: The NASCAR racers breaking boundaries

    (CNN)Winning is everything, and for some it means making history.

    In America's biggest motorsport, women and ethnic minorities are smashing barriers in their pursuit of NASCAR glory -- traditionally dominated by white men behind the wheel.
    Female driver Kenzie Ruston and African-American driver Dylan Smith were selected to join Rev Racing's Drive for Diversity (D4D) team, which gives talented drivers from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to compete.

      'I've beaten a lot of guys driving like a girl'

        Ruston is nothing short of competitive -- and the Oklahoma-born 23-year-old has to be if she wants to make it big in a high-octane sport that sees racers battle it out on oval tracks for hours at a time in front of delirious fans.
        While Danica Patrick is one of the most famous female drivers on the circuit -- winn