Israeli soldiers patrol the Golan Heights after airstrikes killed militants allegedly trying to plant a bomb.

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The Israeli military says the militants were trying to plant a bomb

The men crossed from Syria, Israel says

Jerusalem CNN  — 

The Israeli military conducted airstrikes Sunday night in the area between Israel and Syria, targeting a group of militants allegedly trying to plant a bomb on the Israeli border.

The Israel Defense Forces said the airstrikes were carried out in the occupied Golan Heights against four militants who crossed into the area from Syria.

“A group of armed terrorists approached the border with an explosive device, which was intended to be detonated against IDF forces,” the Israeli military said.

The airstrikes prevented the bombing, the military said.

Three of the alleged attackers were killed, Israeli media reported, citing IDF sources.

It was not immediately known to what militant group the men belonged.

The Golan is regarded internationally as occupied territory despite Israeli governmental control. It is home to 41,000 residents, including Jews, Druze and Alawites. Israel seized the territory from Syria during the 1967 Israel-Arab war, and it was eventually annexed.