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Supreme Court considers same-sex marriage
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Hillary Clinton on Tuesday changed the colors of her presidential campaign logo Tuesday on social media to the rainbow colors symbolizing the gay rights movement, less than an hour before the Supreme Court on Tuesday was set to hear oral arguments on same-sex marriage.

Clinton, who is now seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, announced in 2013 her support for the right of same-sex couples to get married after leaving her post as Secretary of State.

Clinton’s logo changed on her Facebook and Twitter pages Tuesday morning shortly before 9 a.m. Facebook pages for individual state branches of the Clinton campaign also changed their logos, though the main logo on, remained the usual red and blue logo.

Clinton has a new position on same-sex marriage

The former first lady and senator from New York opposed same-sex marriage during her 2008 run for the presidency, instead supporting civil unions for same-sex couples.

After changing her logo, Clinton tweeted her support for same-sex marriage proponents headed for the Supreme Court.

“Every loving couple & family deserves to be recognized & treated equally under the law across our nation. #LoveMustWin #LoveCantWait,” she tweeted.

Hillary Clinton's Twitter page is pictured on April 28, 2015.

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