The next big thing in tech: The desktop computer (yes, really)

Story highlights

Endless Computers has produced a simplified, robust and affordable desktop aimed at emerging market consumers

The company said its $169 product is designed to be hooked up to a TV screen and can be used anywhere

Endless designed its own operating system; one that was highly functional but could work with cheap processors

The Endless unit is preloaded with a full encyclopedia, recipes, educational lectures and health information

CNN  — 

You will see plenty of smartphones in the developing world and you’ll see plenty of TVs; but you’re unlikely to see desktop computers in remote areas.

Poor internet connectivity, uncertain power supply and a simple lack of money have meant that billions have been locked out of the knowledge economy.

Matt Dalio, CEO of Endless Computers, wants to change all of that with the first simplified, robust and affordable desktop aimed at emerging market consumers.

Dalio told CNN he got the idea to create a $169 computer while he was traveling and noticed that, while most homes did not have a desktop computer, they often had an HD screen.

“It was one of those micro-epiphanies,” he said. “I was in India and I looked over at a television and then I looked at my hand and there was a phone in it and I thought why not connect the two?

“While smartphones may be sweeping through emerging markets, a computer is still the thing that you and I sit down to every day to access the knowledge economy,” he said. “The only difference between a smartphone and a computer is the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse and the operating system.”

Reinventing the wheel