CNN gets rare visit to elite North Korean elementary school

Updated 1808 GMT (0208 HKT) May 7, 2015
ripley north korea school 2ripley north korea school 2
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First graders in a Pyongyang classroom are orderly yet energetic, often standing and giving spirited answers to their teacher's questions. will ripley/cnn
Many North Korean classrooms have computers but most citizens have no access to the Internet and have never heard of social networking sites like Facebook. will ripley/cnn
Outdoor exercise accompanied by upbeat music is a daily routine for these North Korean middle school students. Afterward, classes are critiqued on their coordination. will ripley/cnn
North Korean students watch horse riding lessons at a new equestrian center designed by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. The facility was formerly used for military training. will ripley/cnn
Most public buildings have photos of late leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. will ripley/cnn
A photo of late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il posing with students sits in the lobby of a Pyongyang elementary school. will ripley/cnn
This swimming pool of an elite Pyongyang elementary school is used by the children of scientists. Scientists are given special privileges as they are tasked with innovating and modernizing the country. will ripley/cnn
This Pyongyang housing complex was built exclusively for scientists and their families. will ripley/cnn