Marketplace Africa: Welcome to our new look show!

From May 8, CNN anchor Zain Asher will host Marketplace Africa.

Story highlights

  • New CNN Marketplace Africa will be hosted by Zain Asher
  • Asher will break down the economic trends affecting Africa

(CNN)CNN International is bringing a new perspective to Marketplace Africa.

From May 8, British-Nigerian CNN anchor Zain Asher will front the network's premier weekly business show about the continent and its place within global markets.
    "I'm incredibly thrilled to host Marketplace Africa!" says Asher. "It's an exciting time as economic growth breathes new life into the continent's rich resources. We look forward to showcasing the innovation, technology and emerging ventures that will bring Africa onto the global investment stage."
    With a deep knowledge of business issues, Asher will break down the economic trends affecting Africa and interview the business leaders shaping the continent.
    As Africa enters an unprecedented period of growth, CNN Marketplace Africa will report on the changing industries and sectors, and get answers from the leading CEOs and entrepreneurs at the top, both on and off the continent.
    The show will have a revamped look and feel, but it will retain the established weekly slots on CNN International: Friday: 1515; Saturday: 1500; Sunday: 0000, 0615; Monday: 0100, 1630 (All times GMT).
    This rich content about Africa underpins CNN's position as the continent's undisputed #1 multiplatform news brand. Every month CNN reaches 59% of Africa's upscale population via TV and digital platforms, according to the latest independent research from Ipsos Mori, putting CNN International well ahead of any direct competitors on every cross-platform metric.
    "These changes to CNN's Africa output reflect the dynamic and seismic change taking place on the continent today," said Ellana Lee, Senior Vice President at CNN International. "By bringing Zain Asher on board...we aim to uncover even more rich, vibrant and powerful stories and trends about modern Africa."