'Incredible shrinking car' drives sideways to park in tiny spaces

Story highlights

  • German engineers develop "flexible" electric car
  • Vehicle is able to shrink its size, turn on a dime and drive sideways

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(CNN)As cities continue to grow at a dizzying rate, commuters are constantly battling ever-increasing congestion on the roads and a lack of parking, just to get to work.

But now a team of German engineers have come up with an ingenious solution -- a "flexible" electric vehicle capable of shrinking, driving sideways (think like a crab) and turning on a dime.
    The EO Smart Connecting Car 2 is an innovative design from DFKI Robotics Innovation Center, based in Bremen, Germany, where a team of software developers and designers, as well as electronics and construction engineers, have been refining the smart micro car project for the last three years.
    First announced in 2012, the team have moved onto their second iteration o