All you need to know about the Charlie Charlie Challenge

#CharlieCharlieChallenge is the latest craze on social media.

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  • The challenge has taken off on social media
  • It's supposed to summon demons

(CNN)Please don't kill the messenger -- or send a Mexican demon our way.

Much like the "what color is this dress" debate and the attempt to mimic Kylie Jenner's lips (without benefit of the temporary lip fillers she uses), the Internet is immersed in more foolywang, this one known as the "#CharlieCharlieChallenge."
    Here are the five things you need to know, with the full understanding that we are not advising you to do this, people. Do not start trying to summon spirits and blame it on us.
    Come with pencils
    Remember those things from elementary school? Challenge-takers are laying two of them on a piece of paper in the form of a cross (some people are probably substituting pens). They write "yes" and "no" in the four boxes formed by the cross.
    The question is then asked, "Charlie, Charlie, are you here?" If the writing utensils roll toward yes, folks are off and running (sometimes literally running). "Yes" and "no" are erased from the squares and filled in with questions that are to be answered.

    THE LITTLE GIRL RAN OUT TOO😂😂😂 - tag your friends!😂 - {#charliechallenge #charliecharliechallenge #charliecharlie #charlieareyouthere #charlie}

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    There is supposedly more than one "Charlie"
    According to the Internet -- because everything we read on the Internet is true -- "Charlie" is actually a group of Mexican demons. We have no idea why they chose that name.
    It's a big hit on Vine
    But don't take our word for it. Check out the compilation (warning there is some foul language):
    Parents are going to say ...
    We already know what the older generation is thinking: "This is nothing but a mashup of the Ouija board and 'Bloody Mary'!"
    Who didn't repeat "Bloody Mary" a few times in an attempt to get an image to appear in a mirror in a darkened bathroom? Kids today want the same thrill, apparently.
    We can almost guarantee this will be a movie
      Someone is probably already writing the screenplay for this one.
      Clearly, we don't believe any of this is real. But just in case, we rebuke all things unholy.