Letter from the editor: This is not your mama's CNN

From Pew Research Center.

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  • Meredith Artley: Possibilities for storytelling have never been richer
  • More than ever, CNN is going where our audiences are, Artley says

(CNN)CNN is one of the world's top digital news destinations -- and a whole lot more.

CNN's digital properties have joined the ranks of news sources that see the majority of traffic flowing from mobile audiences. Our video consumption is up nearly 30% from this time last year. Earlier this year, we redesigned our sites to sharpen the experience across mobile and desktop platforms for CNN.com, CNNi.com and CNNMoney.
    The newly relaunched CNNPolitics, with a newly expanded team, is off to a tremendous start as the top political digital news destination two months in a row. CNNMoney recently surpassed Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal in users across mobile and desktop. Across CNN's digital portfolio, we reach about 15 million users every day.
      Meredith Artley
      But we are no longer just a destination site for audiences to visit. More than ever, CNN is going where our audiences are. CNN's teams of journalists listen, respond and craft stories inspired by social conversations every day.
      Take a recent example where we created the hashtag "FIFAQs" to spur questions and conversation about the FIFA scandal that were answered on air and online. We call this approach the "social circle." Very few news organizations can create that 360 degree experience in the way CNN can, with our global digital, TV and social network.
      Our teams of journalists and technologists use tools and data every minute of the day to help us spot and share stories that reach audiences where they are. Those stories are then published across a variety of partners and devices, whether that's a phone, a watch, a tablet or a desktop.
        Here are three recent examples:
        -- Vanishing stories in a vanishing country (i.e. climate change on Snapchat), an opinion piece by John Sutter of the "2 Degrees" project.
        -- U.S. military wants China to know they are losing patience, highlights from a Reddit AMA with Jim Sciutto, CNN's chief national security correspondent.
        -- #CNNRemembers: Honoring the Fallen, a collection of personal tributes to men and women who died serving their country.
        Our popular Snapchat channel, which launched at the start of the year, is edited and designed daily and specifically for that platform -- and for that young and huge audience, reaching them right where they are.
        The possibilities for storytelling have never been richer. Stay tuned, as they say, for more in this space as we continue to collaborate with partners and platforms old and new to share the essential stories of our world and times.
        And if the #humblebragging about CNN's success and evolution isn't enough, a study released Monday from the Pew Research Center names CNN among the most trusted news sources across all generations, and second only to Facebook when it comes to reaching millennials for political news.
          As we celebrate 35 years since CNN's first on-air broadcast, we will continue to evolve, experiment and connect with audiences in new ways. And we will continue to work hard every day to keep the trust in our brand of independent journalism steadfast.
          Thanks to the incredible teams at CNN Digital and far beyond, thanks to our growing audiences worldwide and cheers to the next 35 years!