Chasing Europe's colorful tour buses

Story highlights

  • Living in Paris, Taylor Holland sees eye-catching bus designs every day
  • He's photographed about 1,200 so far, using the same close-up view for each graphic

(CNN)Taylor Holland was riding his bike by the Eiffel Tower in Paris when he noticed a blur of color -- a tour bus with a bright rainbow graphic on its side.

"I thought, I should take a photo of that," Holland said. "That would be cool to abstract that graphic."
    He set out to find the bus again, and suddenly they were everywhere: tour buses from Poland, Italy and Spain with colorful, eye-catching designs.
      Holland -- stunned to discover this mobile genre of art -- decided to photograph as many as he could. The project came as a natural extension of where his photography was going.
      "I walk through the world with an imaginary frame in my mind's eye," said Holland, a graphic designer who is the professor of digital media at the Paris College of Art. "When people can't tell what (the image) is straight off the bat, that makes it more interesting to me."