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The Breckenridge voters have spoken

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One town, divided by marijuana.

That’s the plot of the CNN Original Series “High Profits,” which follows the journey of budding cannabis entrepreneurs Brian Rogers and Caitlin McGuire in the tourist-centric town of Breckenridge, Colorado.

Since the vote to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana passed in Colorado on January 1, 2014, the couple behind the only recreational marijuana dispensary on the town’s Main Street have been embattled with local politics over whether their business sullies the town’s family-friendly vibe.

Ahead of the season finale on Sunday, viewers learned that the town eventually voted to disallow the sale of marijuana on Main Street, forcing the cannabis club to move its sales two miles away to Airport Road.

Social media reacted to the news of the vote.

Some responded to the outcome while others voiced their feelings about the process…

We also caught up with many of the key players from Breckenridge to get their reaction.

Mayor John Warner: “I would urge cautious optimism for communities which are considering the sale of recreational marijuana. The tax revenues can be helpful to local governments and the owners/entrepreneurs are generally responsive to local government rules/regulations.

As Breckenridge did, I would caution against the ‘Main Street’ sale of recreational marijuana and urge zoning which moves the retail shops to areas other than your downtown core.”

Elisabeth Lawrence, member of Breckenridge’s town council: “I would recommend that government officials have open and honest debate about this emerging issue so that all sides are presented adequately and accurately.

Local leaders must take the responsibility to recognize this is an issue that impacts many facets of municipal government, especially revenue and public safety. So, I would encourage local officials elsewhere to do their due diligence, and to look to my town and others as examples of how to work cooperatively for the good of their communities.”

Brian Rogers, owner of Breckenridge Cannabis Club: “[My] advice for store owners, entrepreneurs and local governments would be to buckle up and hang on tight! There are too many opinions on how we should handle marijuana as its legalized, it’s unlikely to be a non-issue anywhere.

For business owners, get a big check book and be ready to pay way more for everything than you would if you were a normal business. Local government is going to try and bleed money out of you.

My advice to local governments would be to take the pulse, a survey or poll, of your constituents. Do it early and be fair.”

For the last word, we’ll turn to Katherine Grimm, another cannabis entrepreneur featured in the show.

What’s next for the Breckenridge Cannabis Club? Find out on Sunday, June 14.