Copa America 2015: Chileans unimpressed by Arturo Vidal crash

    (CNN)Note to Chile star Arturo Vidal -- next time you have a drink, it's probably best to pay for a taxi, rather than jump into your Ferrari and speed down a freeway.

    The overwhelming reaction on social media to Vidal following his drink-driving car crash on Tuesday -- bar a few vocal supporters outside court during his trial -- has been one of condemnation.
    Many asked just why is it that so many footballers appear to enjoy special dispensation whatever they do.
      Despite being the Copa America's top scorer and so far almost single-handedly dragging Chile to the top of its group, few Chileans have backed coach Jorge Sampaoli's decision not to exclude him from the squad.
        One tweeted: "Vidal... with your salary of $8 millions a year. You couldn't spend $50 on a taxi? I love you... but for f***'s sake."
        Journalist Manuel de Tezanos added: "No double standards. Seeing how our politicians ask for forgiveness, I applaud Vidal. But that doesn't change what I would have done: taken him out."
        TV and radio journalist Claudio Bustios tweeted: "We can think what we like. In favor or against. Nothing matters. The players will continue doing what they please."
        The Chilean media was equally unsympathetic, leading with headlines such as "The broken Cup" and "The dream crashed."
        By the look of the photographs, Vidal had a very lucky escape after he was involved in the crash Tuesday.
        One side of Vidal's red shining Ferrari has almost been completely ripped away.
        Multiple media reports quote the Chilean National Police, and prosecutors, as saying that the football star had been under the influence of alcohol, and was at fault for the crash.
        After a court hearing Wednesday, a judge ruled the 28-year-old Vidal will have his license withheld and will need to report monthly to the Chilean consulate in Milan, while the investigation into the crash will go on for 120 days, the Chilean judicial system confirmed.