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Pope Francis released a sweeping statement about the environment on Thursday, calling for “cultural revolution” to change our lifestyles – from our addiction to technology to our treatment of the poor.

The document is very long – 184 pages in English. But here are 10 quick commandments the Pope says everybody can follow to stop the “disturbing warming” of our planet.

1. Think of future generations.

Pope Encyclical 1

2. Embrace alternative energy sources.

Pope Encyclical 2

3. Consider pollution’s effect on the poor.

Pope Encyclical 3

4. Take the bus!

Pope Encyclical 4

5. Be humble.

Pope Encyclical 5 b

6. Don’t become a slave to your phone.

Pope Encyclical 6

7. Don’t trade online relationships for real ones.

Pope Encyclical 7

8. Turn off the lights, recycle and don’t waste food.

Pope Encyclical 8 b

9. Educate yourself.

Pope Encyclical 9 b

10. Believe you can make a difference.

Pope Encyclical 10 b