Inside the delightfully dark world of adult animation

Incredible animations from Annecy Festival
Incredible animations from Annecy Festival


    Incredible animations from Annecy Festival


Incredible animations from Annecy Festival 01:33

(CNN)The world of animation isn't all child's play. Savage deaths, troubling dreams, and passionate relationships are just some of the topics covered in these beguiling films created by highly-skilled hands.

We asked the artistic director of the prestigious Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France, Marcel Jean, to pick out the best nominated short films from the event, which runs from June 15 to 20.
Hailing from across the world, the surreal movies were made with everything from clay, to illustration, and cut-out papers.
    Here are five of our favorites.

    Estonia: Aleteadvuse Maja by Priit Tender

    This Estonian film, which bears the English title "House of Unconsciousness" is a surreal imagining of the dreams of chimney sweepers.
    Director Priit Tender used a study on dreams as the basis of his surreal 10 minute piece which explores the most frequent images chimney sweepers dream about -- from women on fire to giant seals.

    Portugal/Germany: Amelia & Duarte by Alice Guimaraes and Monica Santos

    This eight-minute pixilation tells the story of two lovers who are struggling to cope after their relationships ends.
    They divide the city into two and Duarte tries to remove memories of Amelia from his life by cutting her name out of his vast book collection. Meanwhile, Amelia boils down her memories of Duarte into cold chemical equations.

    Spain: The Guardian by Alessandro Novelli

    Alessandro Novelli used the parable "Before the Law" from Franz Kafka's book "The Trial" as inspiration for this mindful piece. Here, a peasant stands in front of a gate guarded by a fearsome guardian who denies him entrance.
    When the film showed at the Arizona International Film Festivals, Novelli commented said of piece: "Sometimes we don't have the strength to take decisions and live our lives how we want."

    Brazil: Guida by Rosanna Urbes

    Guida has been working as an archivist for 30 years when one day she sees a newspaper ad looking for models for a life drawing class.
    She re-finds her beauty, creativity and inner child through the experience as the film asks us to rethink what beauty is really about.

    Russia: We Can't Live Without Cosmos by Konstantin Bronzit

    Two cosmonauts, who have been friends since birth, go through rigorous training to achieve their dream of traveling in space.
    This animated short by Konstantin Bronzit shows us just how important friendship is.